Monday, 10 September 2012

Pike and bass fishing with self-made lures

Everybody should know by now about the massive decrease of fish stock in the sea hence eating fish should be sustainable. So it became very important to choose the right fish. If you eat sea water fish make sure it is line caught and avoid fish like cod and try mackerel or gurnet and have a look at Hugh's Fish Fight.

On my recent trips to the continent i was accompanied by my telescopic spinning rod and some shop bought lures for fresh water fishing. If you are not an angler: the lure is thrown out and reeled in again. the fishes which are predators like bass and pike will bite thinking its real prey. It just need to be shiny or colourful.

Unfortunately you always have some weed, plants and other resistance in the water so it happens sometimes that you will lose a lure . This becomes quite expensive as lures start from £5 upwards, some exceed even £15. After loosing four in three days i tried to duplicate my most successful ones:

Keep a couple of these old tins from tomatoes from pasta sauce making or beans from your breakfast. Beer cans are too thin. Cut out your desired shape. The back should be slightly bigger and heavier or you will entangle while casting. Strong scissors will do the job. you can smoothen the edges with a file or sand paper. Now is the time to get the coating off. A blow torch is perfect but you can put it on the hob of your gas or electric hob. just until the coating turns black as you don't want the tin to oxidise. Give it a good scrub with a wire brush or sandpaper.

With some flux and soldering iron fill the concave side with solder. Bore a hole at the front and back. Attach a swivel or small key ring  to the front and a treble hook and a key ring to the back. I cut out a small fin from a red plastic bottle lid to give it a fishy look. Feathers will do the same job.

Polish everything so it will shine and reflect sun even in deeper waters and as tin rots fairly quickly you can give it a coat of translucent pain and an eye if you like. The third from the top is a double tin layer one, just the back is soldered and the upper tin layer is just attached to the front swivel.

For bass and salmon i recommend some slender ones approx 2inches long and for pike some heavier 3 to 4 inches long. treble hooks according to the size of the body. A good spinning rod is about 7-8ft (210-240cm) has a full length curve action as pikes can give a good fight and the rod needs to cope with the force. It should have a casting weight of 5-25grams.

Best time to catch predators is during the day, when its hot and sunny try below surface. best months are June to December but the earlier the year the more bites you will get but the smaller the catch will be.

 Costs some solder and hooks and swivel which shouldn't be more than 50pence per piece

Happy fishing! Don't forget to follow the local rules and minimum sizes. put all undersized back! We want to catch pikes in the future too!