Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Solar Panel and Grid Tie Inverter Setup

Here is a quick summary of my solar panel setup:

3 x 80 Watt Akt solar panels (UK company)
Vmp: 17.5V, Imp: 4,57Amp,

all are connected in series with 4.5sq mm cable
which go into a Soladin 600 Mastervolt Grid tie inverter which you can see in the video left. It transforms the energy coming from the panels directly into grid conform electricity. Over the last year i certainly covered all standby appliances during the day as Tv, fridge and other idle devices

On a good day with plenty sun i reach approximately between 170-190 watt which is not that bad but with a better optimisation of the panel's angle, which are currently too steep i would get perhaps another 10-20 watt.

When it comes to solar energy you either need a serious conciousness about environmental issues or a long breath in terms of Return of Investment ROI. With an unlicensed setup which means not G83 approved, you will not be able to sell your electricity to your supplier for more cash than you are going to buy it back. On the other hand G83 stuff is almost double expensive and you also rely on government laws. They have been scraped and will be even more. So in the end you end up with more expensive equipment just to meet laws and two years later you won't get anything for that in return.

Hence I decided to go with 'half price' equipment, being independent and as it seems to have the same ROI as approved equipment which is approx 10years in my case. On the other hand if you only have space for less than 3 or 4kw then dont bother anyway with G83 because you have to meet a minimum size for 'poor' electricity companies anyway.