Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February Food - Foraging and Hunting

I thought i might give you a clue what you can eat, grow and hunt in February:

From the garden:
Curly Kale, chards, leek, salsify and beet root (planted or sown in late summer)
perhaps you still have some potatoes, beets or fartichokes (jerusalem artichokes) in your larder.

since today the game season in the UK is over. As a hunter you have to rely on pests again (but don't shoot or catch them in the city or nearby as they mostly eat rubbish. If you are not from the UK make sure they do not have rabies as this is a terminal disease for them AND YOU.): rabbits, wood pigeons and grey squirrels

chickweed, Jack-by-the-hedge, velvet shank. If you want to know more about foraging, when what and where then i recommend a copy of Collins Gem - Food For Free


  1. Interesting reading and learning what to hunt but can one really hunt and eat squirrels..... The reason I ask or wonder is that they don't have much meat to offer and I guess not much in Taste either. E

  2. I've got the Food for free book and it helped me identify Jack by the hedge which grows on the edges of our allotment.
    Berry season about now though and I'm hoping to make some blackberry wine this year!

  3. Hi Diane,

    I have collected approx 5kg brambles as well and will start my wine soon. Let me know your recipe. I will definitely post mine here.