Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How i almost got weak

I bottled my bramble wine in December. it has been stored away since then. I even designed some labels as you can see above. Yesterday i almost got weak and considered opening one of my only 12 bottles. It took me a long time collecting approx 5ltr of fruits. I guess this is the only reason i remained strong as i said to myself to store it for at least 6month.

Price: 1kg sugar (70p), i used bordeaux yeast which was almost £3 but you also could use bread yeast, some steriliser, airlock and demijohn from car boot sale for £1, some wine bottles from your previous parties or from recycling bins. you should consider buying a corker and corks (£5 the cheapest) but you also could use screw or swing tops.

All my ideas and knowledge is mostly based on the book by
Ben Turner - Home Made Wines and Beers


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