Tuesday, 31 January 2012

1st test of my beer can solar heater

My little solar heater is intended to heat up my lean on greenhouse of approx 2cubic meters. So i drank plenty beer which was actually the hardest part as projects cant wait when they are on my mind. the glass is from an old cupboard, as fans i bought 2 x 1W computerfans , the connections in the back are glued in from an old vacuum hose. Unfortunately the 2w solar panel is too small to get the fans running so i need to get a 5w panel. The Panel what you see is part of my 3x80w ongrid  array which i will explain in another post.

 1st test: outside temperature approx 2degrees C, pretty sunny as you can see, and surprisingly the inside of the heater went up to 65degC within 20min. I would call that a success apart from my not running fans.

Price in total: £2 for fans (ebay), £1 black paint (£shop), I reckon a 5W solar panel is approx £15 which would need 1winter to redeem, some glue, nails and an old brush

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