Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Becoming a beekeeper

Back in Autumn 2011 I decided to get some bees. Not that i am a big fan of honey nor insect swarms around me, it's more that honey is a good substitute  for sugar and beeswax is good for almost everything. so i read plenty bee blogs, beehive instructions and of course bee books about the bee herself.

I decided to start small and built an 8frame hive with deep brood box and a normal super. the length of the frames, which in my case are just bars, are the same as in a national beehive. all the wood is found in skips and bin areas, mostly old bed frames which i glued together to get the sizes i wanted.

The only two things i bought were bees wax for the foundations and lemon grass oil. yes this is what i need to attract a swarm during the swarming season because £250 for a swarm of 5-6000 is not just too expensive it would also violate my requirements of becoming independent. So here it is. after more reading i recognised that my hive could become too small for a fully grown colony of approx 50'000 bees but in that case i will follow my first plan and build a top bar bee hive.

Price £3 lemongrass oil , £5 for a huge bar of pure beeswax which will last for the top bar hive as well if necessary. some waterproof wood glue , nails and paint for the outside and some boiled linseed oil which comes approx £5/ltr but you will need just 100mil, I got a hive tool, smoker and veil for £20 new which is the biggest expense but with some luck you might find it on a carboot sale.

You can read David A. Cushman's website for hive measures and
A good book written by the National Trust for starting beekeeping
Bee Keeping: Inspiration and Practical Advice for Would-be Smallholders

If you would like to host or get your own hive the please get in touch


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